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I am all about throwing handfuls of your magic into crowds like you are a flower girl tossing petals. The recent unicorn inspired recipe trend has me beaming with excitement. 

But please, stop it with the insane amounts of sugar in food to make it look "magical". Food is not just for tastebuds and eyeballs, it is the primary mechanism to nourish every cell in your body. Your food becomes a part of you.

To remain healthy, the average American human should really only be eating 25-30 grams of sugar a day maximum. Excess sugar in one's diet is linked to a variety of unpleasant health outcomes . In the past few months, the unicorn food trend has exploded in popularity consisting of ingredients like candy, food coloring, syrups, marshmallows and sprinkles (here is some more sugar to top your sugar!). Starbuck's infamous Unicorn Frappuccino boasted 59 grams of sugar. 

It is not my intention to ruin all of the fun, but provide alternatives that are equally beautiful and delicious.

So here you have it... five spectacular healthy unicorn inspired dessert recipes to satisfy tastebuds, aesthetic appreciation AND blood sugar levels:

1- Unicorn Yogurt Bark from Honest to Nod (gluten free)

Yogurt bark is a friendly alternative to it's sugar laden cousin created from chocolate, sprinkles, marshmallow and others. The trick to this recipe is using a high-protein, low sugar yogurt. I use Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt in Plain (Amazon Affiliate link below) which boasts 5 grams of sugar and 28 grams of protein per 8 ounces.

2- Healthy No-Bake Unicorn Cookies (Gluten Free, Paleo) - from the Big Man's World

Healthy Unicorn Cookies

This recipe calls for maple syrup as the main sweetener and is paleo friendly. Especially magical  for us inpatient unicorns, they only take five minutes to make!

3- Watermelon Unicorns - By Mysterious Pinterest Post

Seriously, good luck finding whoever had this brilliant idea. If possible, these could be even more enchanting topped with granola and yogurt! All you need is a fresh melon and a unicorn cookie cutter (amazon affiliate link below).

4- Unicorn Energy Ball Bites - from Fitful Focus

Imagine you are a child. You are sitting at the lunch table expecting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich thrown into a paper bag. In your hand goes and out comes, a unicorn egg?! These little gems are full of healthy fats, golden raisins AND honey and lots of food coloring.

You may realize that almost all of these recipes call for food coloring, below is an amazon affiliate link for all-natural food coloring I use in my projects and unicorn food:

5- Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream - from Feasting on Fruit

Perfect for summer, this nice-cream recipe uses frozen bananas as a base (as opposed to heavy cream or milk). To add some oomph to the pink color, use dragonfruit or beets. Top with fruit, sprinkles (in moderation, please) and enjoy!!!

So there you have it, five healthy unicorn dessert recipes that are simple to create and easy to enjoy. If you are making these for a child in your life, have them help you for a sensory-based cooking activity.

Love and Light,